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Trunk Show Nov 17-20 at Tenth Muse in Maplewood NJ

We are having a trunk show at The Tenth Muse Gallery in Maplewood, NJ from November 17-20. The gallery is in the heart of the village on 170 Maplewood Avenue, a short walk from the train station or an easy drive if you live in northern New Jersey. We are going to be there in [...]

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Tourmaline, October's Other Birthstone

Another birthstone for October is Tourmaline. This is one of my favorite stones in my collection. Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors. The reasons for the colors are many, but iron helps to create greens and blues while manganese produces reds and pinks. Radiation, natural or otherwise, often creates pinks and yellows. Rubellite is pink or various [...]

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The Colorful Opal: October Birthstone

October, it is my birth month too! October has two beautiful birth stones: Opal and Tourmaline. I will write about tourmaline later this month, so let’s talk a little about opal. Opal, which is actually hydrated silica, is a very soft and delicate stone. On the hardness scale it is only 5.0-6.5. I normally don’t work with it [...]

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Honored Again: JA Fine Jewelry Editor Preview!

It is Fall. It is one of my favorite times of the year! I am so honored to be selected as part of the JA Annual Fine Jewelry Editor Preview this year -- again! There were so many beautiful and creative jewelry submissions that I was surprised but very happy to get in. Mine is the Crown Ring [...]

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Now Available at Mia Gemma

Happy labor day! I believe we are not suppose to work today and instead relax and enjoy life. Well, too bad; we are working this holiday weekend… We couldn’t get away trip from NYC, so we went to Dovetail, a fine dining restaurant, last night and treated ourselves. I had very strange ice cream for [...]

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The Spectacular Spinel: August's New Birthstone

Midsummer greeting! It is a Japanese custom to send a greeting card during the hottest month. I wanted to write a little earlier about the August birth stone, but I didn’t have a chance until now. The beginning of the month we visited Buffalo to celebrate my father in-law ‘s 90th birthday. He looks young [...]

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New Look, New Website!

Welcome to my new website! It is still a work in progress, but all of my Sand Dune collection currently available is included. To give you a better idea of my approach to design I also added some archive items which are largely one-of-a-kind pieces or custom orders. Some of the archived items are dependent on the shape [...]

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