Shoreline Cuff

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Product Overview

Shoreline Cuff, 65 x 53 x 52mm, 18k Yellow Gold, 14k Green Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Diamonds 0.26ct. 


Please indicate your actual wrist size in the box when you order. 


How to measure your wrist? Here is how to:


Step 1 – Find a flexible measuring tape or cut a strip of paper the width of the cuff (approximately).


Step 2 - Wrap the measuring tape or strip of paper around the narrowest part of your wrist below the wrist bone (where you normally would wear your cuff) and mark where the ends overlap.


Step 3 – Measure the length of the paper strip with a ruler or write down where the ends overlap on the measuring tape to find your wrist size.


Step 4 – For a snug fit add approximately ¼” to determine your cuff size.